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1. Download 3 programs, and 1 folder. Modio, USBXTAFGUI, Le Fluffie, and GPD's (The Folder)

2. Plug your USB/Flash Drive into USB slot on the computer.

3. Open USBXTAFGUI, File, Open Device. Then... Find your profile. DO NOT CLOSE USBXTAFGUI!!!!

4. Extract profile onto desktop. Make a new folder (name it what ever you want, I did BACKUP!)

5. Copy your profile, then paste it into your new folder.

6. Open Le Fluffie, drag the original profile into Le Fluffie.

7. Open GPD's, select all of the games that you want to add to your profile, wait for them to load, then click OK, then wait for them to load AGAIN!

8. Click Unlock All (to the right), wait for LF(Le Fluffie) to unlock all of your games, then you should get a popup that says "DONE", click ok.

9. On the to it has to tabs (Profile, and Achievements) click Achievements. Then click Save Achievement, then click Save to Profile/ Save to Dash GPD to Profile.

10. Close that small window, minimize Le Fluffie.

11. Open Modio, drag your profile into modio. Then click Rehash and Resign(x2).

12. Close that small window, then minimize Modio.

12. Open USBXTAFGUI, inject your modded gamerscore profile into USBXTAFGUI (your modded profile should have a 1. in front of it) delete the one that has the 0... Remove your USB/ Flash Drive from your PC.

13.(IMPORTANT! Unplug ethernet cord from your XBox, (Put the USB/Flash Drive into your XBox 360) Sign into your modded profile, wait about 1 minute, plug your ethernet cord back into XBox 360, then click Sign Into XBox Live!

Then You're DONE

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