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the box fixer
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geting all the wepons at any lv      so wat your going to do is go to  combat traning and get a ton of money then go to player match and get your friend to host the loby then go to his loby and click on create a class and have your friend switch loby to combat and buyy evrything   if this does not work post and i will tell u a difernt way          

now for titelks and layers and eblms   do the same thing sept go to playercard instead    k

now how to prstige in combat   do the 2nd one but go down to prstige

ps.if u switch back to player match when u r in the prosecss of doing the prstige in cobat it will reset your player match      

hoped this helped    post if u want more



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Thanks it did work and it got patched the day after or a couple days after i did it haha but thanks!

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the box fixer
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ya im try to find another way



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Skys Emo Hubby
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let me know if u do 



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please post more for other if they are not patched yet we need to stay ahead of the patch makers :D wish i had that game ... then i could help :D


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