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CURRENT LIVE GAMES is here to let people post current games being hosted on any platform but i prefer only xbox360 games be posted here as this site was made for xbox360 modding.

here for no reason i guess im adding these symbols for others to use if needed ٨٧ ↓ ↑∞

                     ↑↑----------------------by flinchy-----------------------↑↑


                    ↓↓-----------------------by Prucake--------------------↓↓

Prucake says on his "about me":

If you have questions about game guides, here are the games I may be able to help you with properly:

Fallout (3,NV)



Dawn Of War Soulstorm

All valve games (TF2, L4D,2,HL,2,ep1/2, CS1.5!/6/Source etc)

Bloodrayne Bloodlines

NFS (the first one, HP, MW, CARBON, PS, UC, Shift, HP2)

Red Dead Redemption

GTA (2,3,VC,SA,IV)

COD (1,2,3,4,WAW,MW2,BO and getting MW3)

GOW (1,2)

FarCry (ALL)

Guitar Hero 3

Battlefield (2, Badcompany2)

Saintsrow (1 & 2)


Fable (1, 2 & 3)

Deadspace (1,2)


Skate (3 only)

Mortal Kombat 9

Burnout (ALL)

Condemned (Bloodshot, 2)

Frontlines: Fuel of war

Metro 2033


Forza 2/3

Driver (ALL, No.2 is the best)

Crash Derby 2

Abe (All)

Mass effect (All)


I can mod your saves for you if you wish, free ofcourse.

Sure you can do it yourself, but if you're not sure how to do it yourself properly - Do ask.

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